Tuesday, March 29, 2016

YAPA Teen BookCon coming soon!

Are you at least twelve years old?  
Do you like to write stories?  
Do you want to learn how to publish your stories?

The Fredricksen Library  is sponsoring a Teen BookCon on Saturday, April 9th.  It's completely free and there will be author panels as well as a teen writer's workshop.

The workshop will focus on the mechanics of publishing and guide you through the process (for example they teach you how to write a query letter).

Spots are limited in the workshop though so if you're interested you need to contact the librarian soon (like today or tomorrow). 

Cyn Balog  ~  Tom Tancin  ~  Kit Grindstaff  ~  Charlotte Bennardo  ~  Stephanie Keyes
Christine Norris  ~  Wende Dikec  ~  Eleanor Herman  ~  Jeffry Johnston
Susan Shaw  ~  Jennifer Hubbard  ~  Janice Gable Bashman  ~  K.M. Walton
Marie Jaskulka  ~  James Crawford  ~  Gabriella Gill  ~  Joshua Bellin
Alison Ashley Formento  ~  Nicole Zoltack  ~  Laura Campbell

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