Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New (and exciting! thrilling! romantic! fascinating! creepy!) books in the library!!

I totally forgot to include the new ebooks on the flyer that was emailed out.  So I'll start with those!

The Pulitzer winning All the Light We Cannot See has been flying off the shelf since we added it to our library.  I went ahead and bought an ebook copy as well so now we have it in print and digital format to make hold times less.

I had a request for two Cassandra Clare novellas.  If you were a fan of her books ( a fan of the new Shadowhunters show) you'll want to take a peak at these.

And finally, The Scorpion Rules.  If you are a fan of Game of Thrones then definitely give this one a chance.  Hostages, war games, evil machinations by powerful people.  This is not an easy book (and I'm serious about the Game of Thrones comparison) but it will be an exciting book.

And of course, our new print books.  Stop by the library and browse for a while.  I'm sure there is something here to keep you busy on your March holidays!

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