Monday, January 4, 2016

It's January! Welcome back everyone!

And to welcome you back, let's kick off this new year with some amazing new books!!!  December went by so fast, if there were some titles you wanted to read but didn't get the chance, we'll be leaving many of the December titles out on the shelves as well so make sure you look close at everything on display!

It seems like the new year is starting off by ending several series.  This can be good though because it means that authors like Melissa Meyer, Cynthia Voigt and Gail Carriger and set their keyboards to new and wonderful stories!  James Dashner just finished his sequel to The Rule of Thoughts (but considering how well his Maze Runner series flowed, I have no concerns it will flag).

And of course, the ebook catalog, while separate is definitely still a large part of our collection!

Several people came by before break and Mrs. J helped them set up their Overdrive app so they could download ebooks.  It's not too late (though the offer for candy has expired...sorry!), stop by anytime and Mrs. J will be happy to get you on your way!

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