Thursday, October 2, 2014

New books for October!!!

Happy October everyone!  I think October is the greatest month of the year.  And there's a great stack of new books to go with it!

We're starting some new series this month, so you'll notice there are a couple sets of titles that group together.  The Magic Thief series is amazing and the fourth book will be in our library next month so you definitely need to get started on the first three.

John Delaney does spooky like nobody else. It was only fitting I bring in some of this work for the month of October.  If you want a creepy book to read by flashlight then definitely jump into the Apprentice series, it's worth it.

Enjoy the new books for this month and as always, you can recommend a book for Mrs. Julsonnet to add to our collection. Just let her know and she'll look it over!

Young Adult

Circa Now

Faces of the Dead

The Hangman's Revolution

I Become Shadow

The Magic Thief

Magic Thief: Lost

The Magic Thief: Found

On a Clear Day

Playing with Matches

Rocket Man

Rory's Promise

Skink No Surrender

Somebody on this Bus is Going to be Famous

Enchanted Emporium Suitcase of Stars

The Ghost Prison

The Rule of Thoughts

The Swift Boys & Me

The Tripods: The White Mountains

The Walk On

Trial By Fire

Unaccompanied Minor

Urban Outlaws

Whisper the Dead

Skies Like These

Graphic Novels

Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood


Theseus and the Minotaur

Muddy Max

Monster Soul

Kill Shakespeare Volume 2

Kill Shakespeare Volume 1

Kill Shakespeare Volume 3

Shackleton Antarctic Odyssey


Alas, Babylon

Revenge of the Witch

Curse of the Bane

Night of the Soul Stealer

The Yiddish Policemen's Union




Heir of Fire


The Vault of Dreamers

The Doubt Factory


Akbar and the Mughal Empire

Akbar the Great Mogul, 1542-1605


Fad Mania!

Frida & Diego


Inside Charlie's Chocolate Factory

The Mughal Empire

Myths of the Ancient Greeks

Outlaws, Spies, and Gangsters

Patient Zero

The Din-I-Ilahi or The Religion of Akbar

Sally Ride

Screen Time

Sport and Recreation in Ancient Greece


The Genius of Alexander the Great

Voices from the March on Washington

Women Heroes of World War I

Zenophon: The Art of Horsemanship

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