Friday, August 29, 2014

Welcome Back! Have a book!

Welcome to the 2014-2015 LCDS school year!  

We're going to kick it off with some awesome new books.  (And by new I mean really new.  None of these books were published before 2014, they were sent to me directly by the publishers.  Fancy!)

Many of these titles have been nominated to potentially be selected as a top ten best book of 2014.  If you find a slip of paper in one of them, please fill it out for Mrs. Julsonnet!  It would really help her out!

Young Adult


Buzz Kill

Bad Luck Girl

Curses and Smoke


Demon Derby

Edge of Nowhere

Expiration Day

The Girls of Gettysburg

Graduation Day

Homeroom Diaries

I Kill the Mockingbird

Ocean of Fire

People of the Plague


Ruin and Rising

Silver People

Straight Punch

Surrounded By Sharks

 This isn't actually fiction but it's such a good story I didn't want it to get lost in non-fiction.
The Closer
The Finisher

The Fire Wish

The Great Green Heist

The Magic Trap

Toxic Heart

V is for Villain

Graphic Novels

The Shadow Hero

Andre the Giant

Bombing Nazi Germany

Grant vs. Lee

Science: A Discovery in Comics

This One Summer



The Family Romanov

Ghostly Evidence

Boho Fashion

Edgy Fashion

Hipster Fashion

Preppy Fashion

Streetwear Fashion

How They Choked

Body Piercing and Tattooing

How to Build a Hovercraft

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to College

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Guys

Saturday Night Live

Sticky Fingers

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