Friday, December 6, 2013

New Books for December!!!

Alright!  Let's gear up for December!

Every month I tell you about the awesome new books we have in the library.  Well this time I'm not.  These titles are just awful.  Terrible.  There is no way you want to read a single one of these.

I mean, the very last Alex Rider book? Written from the perspective of Alex's archenemy starting when he was a young boy and then befriending as a teen, Alex's uncle whom he'll eventually kill as an adult?  You don't want to read that.

Or Man Made Boy, the story of the child of Frankenstein's monster and bride living secretly under Times Square in New York City?  Nope.

And definitely not The Prince of Mist, a creepy Spanish ghost story about a family that moves into a new home on the coast, only to find out it's haunted by the spirit of a boy who drowned.  Except he's not the real evil in this story, the family learns of a diabolical and mysterious presence and then the real danger begins.

And then there's the much anticipated new Amy Tan novel, The Valley of Amazement.  All accounts say this one is better than the last, which was admittedly a bit odd and not very Amy Tan-ish.

And the non-fiction this time around.  I have to say, some of these are so out there I could put them in fiction.  (Actually for some of them, I did.  Sixth grade, if for some crazy reason you decide you want to read about Roald Dahl, his family's car accident and his sheared off'll find it in YA FIC DAH).

So without further ado...the terrible, no good, awfully dull new books in the library!

Young Adult

Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel

The Princess of Cortova

Alex Rider: Russian Roulette


Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective: The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit

Formerly Shark Girl


From Norvelt to Nowhere

Gee Whiz

Heaven is Paved with Oreos

How I Became a Ghost

The Great Trouble

Jet Black and the Ninja Wind


The Lucy Variations

Maggot Moon

Man Made Boy




Seven Daughters and Seven Sons

Gravediggers: Terror Cove

The Lost Kingdom

The Prince of Mist

The Fall of Five

The Dream Thieves

Triple Threat

Turn Left At the Cow

Whistle in the Dark

Year of the Griffin

Graphic Novel


Bandette: Presto!

Dogs of War


Maximum Ride Volume 7

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children




Crown of Midnight

Eleanor & Park


Final Descent

If I Ever Get Out of Here

Maisie Dobbs

Perfect Chemistry

Ready Player One

The Valley of Amazement



Going Solo
The Boy on the Wooden Box
Buried Beneath Us

Confessions of a Bad Teacher


Jihad vs. McWorld

Lincoln's Grave Robbers

No Borders

Space Encyclopedia

Stronger than Steel

The Reason I Jump

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