Wednesday, December 4, 2013

E-xciting news! E-books are here!

In E-xcellent time for winter break!  (Okay, I'll stop with the e-jokes now)

The library is pleased to announce we now have a modest, (but growing!), ebook collection.  You can access it on our library catalog page which looks like this:

Or you can go directly to the ebook catalog here:

Take a moment to browse, there are some great Middle School fiction books as well as some hot new Upper School fiction books.

To set your iPads up so you can check out ebooks at your own leisure (from school! from home! from the beach in Florida!) follow the directions listed below:

1.  Go to the app store and search for Overdrive Media Console - Library eBooks and Audiobooks.  It's free.

2.  After you install it, open it up and it will inform you that you need Adobe Digital Edition.  You most likely won't have it so please select Register.

3.  Enter all of the information, using your school email and school password.

4.  It will then inform you that it's assigned you an Adobe ID.  It will automatically process through and you should then be in the Overdrive application.

5.  Select Add a Library and search for Lancaster Country Day School.  Click on it (a star will appear) and our catalog will open.  You're in!

6. When you want to checkout a book, click 'Borrow' and select ePub.  It will most likely ask you to sign in with a username and password, it's your school username and password (note: not your email address, just username).

And as always, if you have a request, recommendation or question send me an email, comment to this post or just stop by the library for a chat!!!

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