Friday, November 1, 2013

New books in the library!

Happy November!

We have nearly one hundred new and shiny books for you to read here in the library this month! And we have Thanksgiving break to look forward to, with all that lovely free time.

If you're interested in the story of Malala, then you'll want to take a look at her autobiography.  It's a very interesting and easy book to read.  I had the chance to go to St. Louis and meet a lot of terrific authors.  I've come back with quite a few of their books, stop by and ask me all about, I can't wait to share everything I learned!

So without further is the selection.

Young Adult

45 Pounds (more or less)

After Iris

Andi Unexpected

Elliot and the Goblin War

Emerald Green

Ghost Hawk


Hyperspace High: Crash Landing

In Too Deep

Love Disguised

Not A Drop to Drink

The Ever Afters: Of Giants and Ice

(Okay, so technically this one isn't really fiction, but it's an amazing book and it'll get lost in the non-fiction stacks...where nobody will read it and it's funny.  Really funny.  Go read it.)
Open Mic: Riffs on Life Between Cultures in Ten Voices

Orphan Train

Picture Me Gone

Prisoner 88

Remember Dippy

Seeing Red

Sleeping Beauty's Daughters

Spirit Animals: Wild Born



The Templeton Twins: Make A Scene

The Burning Sky

The Edge of Nowhere

The Eye of Minds

The Saturday Boy

Unhooking the Moon

Lemony Snicket "When Did You See Her Last?"

Will in Scarlet

The Servant

Graphic Novels

Bad Machinery

Battling Boy

The Halloween Legion

Monkey King

Monster on the Hill

Smash: Trial of Fire

The Silver Six

Three Kingdoms


Ancillary Justice

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering  Genius



Top Down

Wild Cards

If You Could Be Mine


The Boys' War

Branded by the Pink Triangle

Caliphs and Kings: Spain, 796-1031

Founding Myths

A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier

A People Numerous & Armed

A People's History of the American Revolution

Culinary Reactions

The House of Wisdom

I Am Malala
Ick! Yuck! Eew!
How To Make A Universe With 92 Ingredients

Medieval Iberia

The Case of the Vanishing Honeybees

The Great Caliphs

The President Has Been Shot!

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