Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Singing the end of the year blues...

...aren't you?  :)

The school year is winding down!  We have *runs off to count* 12 days left before summer vacation.  (Technically you as students have 11 days left because one of those is a study day but since all of your teachers will be here working and you're suppose to be at home studying, I counted it.)

End of the year in the library is a busy time.  One of the tasks we do before we leave for summer vacation is INVENTORY.  It's a big word for a big project.  Basically we scan every single item in the library and then cross check it with the computer.  Then we find out what items are lost, what items we thought were lost but were actually on the other side of the library and are now found, and what items are out of order.

The first step in this process is making sure we have all of the books back in the library.  SO!

Please return all of your library materials (books, magazines, dvds, vhs tapes, etc.) by this Friday, May 24th.

But what about during final exams?  You ask.  Never fear!  During finals week, you may come and check out a book for the day.  Just make sure you return it when you're done with exams that day.

Notices will go up on your lockers reminding you of what you still have out.  If you've lost it, there's a price next to the title and you can either bring me the money to replace it OR you can go out and buy a replacement copy.

Thanks for all of your help, it's been a super fun year!

~Mrs. Julsonnet

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