Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tweet your top favorite books!

Do you have a Twitter account?  (If you do, I hope you've been following us @rollingbookcart)

If so, then you can join the Tweet Your Faves movement.  Starting today 12/12/12, tweet your top 12 favorite books at #libfaves12.  That's one favorite book for the next 12 days.  They don't have to be published in 2012 (though for consistency that would be cool) you can mention any of your best of the best choices.

 The Rolling Bookcart is on board, take a look to see what our top twelve picks are!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December books

Well it may not be a winter wonderland outside (where's my snow?!) but we do have a winter break coming up and you are going to have some series free time on your hands.

Never fear!  I have just the solution for your winter break doldrums!  Now for an unlimited time, we have some fantastic new books in the library.  And if none of the new stuff peaks your interest, please ask for recommendations.  I love giving recommendations.  Seriously.  It's why I became a librarian.

There are a lot of sequels but some stand out stand-alones as well.