Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Calling all zombie lovers...

As you may know, we have quite a few books on the subject in the library.   Zombie Haiku is a popular one, with its gory pictures and hilarious text.

They are so lucky
      that I cannot remember
how to use doorknobs.

We also have the lyrical and haunting The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan which begins...

My mother used to tell me about the ocean.  She said there was a place where there was nothing but water as far as you could see and that it was always moving, rushing toward you and then away.  She once showed me a picture that she said was my great-great-great-grandmother standing in the ocean as a child.  It has been years since, and the picture was lost to fire long ago., but I remember, faded and worn  A little girl surrounded by nothingness.

And then there is World War Z, in which Max Brooks, son of actor Mel Brooks, chronicles the fictitious "zombie wars" in which humans and zombies fight for rule of the world.

The cover has teased us since it was published in 2006 with the promise of a major motion picture.  Well the wait is finally over, the first teaser trailer has finally been released, starring Brad Pitt as the title role. 

It's scheduled to be in theaters June, 2013. If you can't stand the wait, be sure to come check out some of the other great zombie titles we have for offer here in the library.

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