Friday, October 19, 2012

Spooky poems from the Middle School Library Club

The Middle School Library Club has been working hard on their entry for the 90 Second Newbery Film Festival.

Today, they took a break and read some of their favorite spooky poems in honor of Halloween.  Remember, October 31st is also All Hallow's Read.  Take the time to share your favorite spooky story with someone!

Daniel F. and The Will O' Wisp

Monti "Where did it come from?  Where did it go?"

Mazie and Celina duel reading from Spooky ABC (a banned book!)

William and the Headless Horseman

Monday, October 15, 2012

All Hallow's Read!

Happy October, everyone!!!

October is my favorite month of the year, the leaves are changing, the days are getting crisp and Halloween is just around the corner!

October also means it's time to dust off your bookshelves because it's All Hallow's Read.  Here, I'll let Neil Gaiman explain it because he can do it so much better.  With zombies!

So make sure you stop by the library because we'll have some great giveaways.  Creepy bookmarks, autumn pencils and a copy of a small book you can take away to keep.

Happy All Hallow's Read...
                                         ...take a book- give a book!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

New books in the library!

This is your super-duper deluxe edition of books for September and October combined.

Yours truly (Mrs. Julsonnet-Librarian Extroidinaire) has actually met two of the authors listed below!  In fact, one of them, Sundee Frazier, I not only met but introduced in front of a lecture hall of people for a conference a few years ago.

Here is me looking very nervous as I introduce Mrs. Frazier (who is absolutely lovely).

And Mrs. Frazier looking pleased.  Go me!

I also had the chance to meet Elizabeth Laird a couple weeks ago.  (Those of you who have done the genre reading for Middle School will recognize her as the author of Crusade, one of the recommended historical fiction novels...) She was very nice and very fun and even signed a book I bought for the MS/US Library. 

One of the results of the conference I went to a couple weeks ago is that some of the books for this month (points below) are not actually even out in the United States yet.  How awesome is that?  When some of these become best-selling hits and all your friends are waiting in line to read it, you can nod and say, "Oh yeah that was great, I read it last year."