Tuesday, November 15, 2011

National Gaming Day...let them eat cake!

Saturday was National Gaming Day.  Unfortunately, being on a weekend the library did not do anything interesting.  (However, in two years it will fall on a Monday and Woah Nellie, you bet we'll do something big then!)

I did find this very appropriate link to share with you all in honor of National Gaming Day.  Are you familiar with Cake Wrecks?  It's a popular website that mocks really awful cakes.  Every once in a while they celebrate really awesome cakes though and incidentially just did a post about game cakes.

Here are two of my favorites.

 How awesome is that?  It looks like you could actually pick up the balls and play a game on the cake!

 This game was a lifesaver back in my babysitting days.  I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?

You can see more cool gaming cakes here at the cake wrecks website.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Books for November!

The new books are out and flying off the shelves, here are some cover shots to peak your interest! 

There are a lot of great sequels and trilogy enders here.  Did you like Maze Runner?  Well the final thrilling conclusion, Death Cure, is out.  Scott Westerfeld's Goliath is here and how sad I am to see that great trilogy end!  Did you read The Magicians by Lev Grossman?  Then you might be interested in The Magician King.